My experience

When you are facing a problem, you try to leverage your own expertise or try to challenge a team member with it. But what, if your struggle with limited resources, you do not have the experience on certain subjects any longer or just do not have the time.

That is, where I can help you with my experience. In certain business areas you are just better off involving experts with a specific knowledge. If you need a heart operation, you would not ask your doctor in your village but rather talk to a cardiologist. Well, some brands have heart problems or even just recovering from a heart attack. Let me help your brand to survive a difficult time and make your brand prosper again.

With more than 24 years experience in marketing and sales and 16 years as a General Manager and Marketing Director for leading worldwide brands, I’m happy to share my experience with your company and your team.
Having worked intensively in and on Market Research, Product & Brand management, European Communication, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Forecasting, Campaign planning, PR, Store Construction, Facilitymanagement and Sales, I could bring everything together as a Marketing Director for brands like General Motors, Opel, SaabNissan and Apollo Optik. Furthermore, I am as well a Partner with the Marketing Consultants Buchholz Wördemann/Partners” working on marketing/branding strategies and positioning concepts for Top European brands. Last but not least, you will be able to make use of my intensive brand experience when closely worked with leading brands like Bosch, Nestle, Tetra Pak, Maurice Lacroix and Sparkassen Finanzgruppe on my brand book “Der Markendiamant”.
My whole experience is based on living in and with leading worldwide operating companies. Let me help you to bring your company to life again and let us use our energy and passion to move your brand. 


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