Every show or event is a real „moment of truth“ for a customer. He can see, touch and feel your brand, your products and your employees. Everything is real and it is right to the point. It is up to you and your team to make this experience “emotionally and fact based” outstanding. One reasons to really give shows and events a separate area outside communication is that real life experience of products and brands become even more important when considering that traditional communication lost more than 80% in brand remembrance in the last 15 years while spendings increased by more than 150%.

The direct contact between brand and customer or dealer is far more effective to achieve a long term impact and transfer brand vision, values and positioning in the right way to enhance brand image. Events transfer visitors into an emotionally, brand oriented experience  while integrating pieces of theatres, life-shows, entertainment, theme parks and of course information. This combined with the right visual, touchable, hear able and sniff able stimulators make the event successful.


Are you and your company ready for life experience? Do you have the right team to manage shows and events, select the right agencies and prepare good briefings? Is your team experienced enough to find the perfect spot for a show or an event? Can your brand in real life deliver a long lasting positive experience?

BRAND2MOVE can help you with
1. Complete project planning including target setting, strategy selection, target group definition,
    relevant kind of events, shows, promotion, timing and budget
2. Agency briefings, pitch organisation, budget oriented selection of agencies
3. Select the right show or event and the relevant spot for your target group
4. Setup, construction and management of show stands and event locations
5. Individual product presentation at interesting resorts and locations
6. Bring together the right people to make an event or a promotion successful


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