If you have the right vision and mission for your company and your brand positioning is matching customer needs, it is time to let the customer know it. Communication has to generate emotion and consequently a strong desire. Only then does your company or your product have a change to get into the desired relevant set. Successful communication has to be noticeable, individual with a strong character and of course integrated. Furthermore you have to be ready for the modern tools of communication and be open for viral marketing, blogging, internet product placements, page impression management, mobile communication reach, Guerrilla Marketing, Ambush marketing and many more to come.

The target is to find the right communication mix or even only the “one” individual communication idea to hook your customer while leveraging perfectly you budget and your resources. Even more important is the right time and the right place for your message to maximize your effectiveness and your impact. You want to have the maximum impact on the 1,440 minutes of a consumer day. Communication should help you to generate revenues, not only to give your company more awareness and a nice face in front of the consumer. Creative awards do not always necessarily sell products but a good creative idea can convince a potential client. At the end, it is true that you have to make money in order to spend it.


Clever partnerships could as well achieve miracles for your brand, sell more products and increase the brand image. While working for Nissan we could established cooperation’s with Apple, Lindner hotel group, Helly Hansen, Elan, ADAC, Shimano, Oakley, Fisherman´s Friend and many other brands which clearly moved the brand image and even more interesting – suddenly allowed us to talk to customers who never considered Nissan and never got into a Nissan dealer showroom before.

Is your communication 100% based on your positioning and covers the most important brand and product information? Do your communication departments really work together to define one common strategy?  Did your team select the right target group and do you get them with the desired media mix? Did your agency briefing cover the key information and was the agency able to transfer this into a strong campaign? Does the selected creativity and the message trigger the customer mindset and shows the desired brand film? Where you able to leverage partnerships with other brands to move your brand image or sell more? Are you sure you do not pay more than you get in return?

BRAND2MOVE helps you:
1. Define were and when your target customer is most receptable to your message
2. Prepare a spot-on agency briefing including the right controlling elements for success
3. Analyse the existing communication with a focus on message relevance for the selected
    target group
4. Get the right communication and media value to optimize the usage of your limited budgets
    and make even more out of your resources
5. Select the right communication channel mix out of the huge possibilities of media channels
6. Develop a new communication concept or just the right communication strategy
7. Ensure that you leverage the communication cycle to maximize customer mind impact in the
    purchase funnel
8. Screen the markets for image-fitting partners and prepare a strong cooperation strategy
    based on combined opportunities


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