Corporate Identity

A consistently developed corporate identity ensures that your company is seen as one uniform entity when being in contact with customers, dealers, the press or investors. Important hereby is that your employees digest, live and represent the brand wherever they are and whatever they do. Today several studies show that more than 80% of all employees in Germany do not have a strong binding relationship to their brand.

Therefore, a consequently established Corporate Identity including design, communication and behaviour can only survive, if you as the boss or your immediate supervisor drives it and employees believe and follow. It works top-down and employees are your strongest brand ambassadors


Corporate Identity today is far more than just a new logo, new name, new colour or new typography – it is the personality and character for your brand, it drives your image and furthermore it has to work as a trigger to fall in love with your brand. Finally the right Corporate Identity will be digested quicker by your customers and therefore saves valuable budgets in creating the brand.

BRAND2MOVE supports you to:
1. Get a better understanding how your Corporate Identity is perceived in the market
2. Refocus your Corporate Identity based on a changing market environment or customer
3. Define the key Corporate Identity elements which can make your brand successful
4. Leverage your Corporate Identity when talking to your customers and make it a “complete”
    brand experience
5. Develop a new Corporate Identity for a new brand or refresh your existing brand identity
6. Manage and activate your existing or new Corporate Identity internally as well as externally
7. Align your employees towards the brand, ensure their commitment and make them brand


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