Mission, Vision, Positioning

From time to time you have to challenge your believes and orientation of your organisation. Do you still have the customer in mind on everything you do? Is your current mindset still future oriented? Do you regularly question the “reason for being” for your organisation and bring your company vision to the test?

Your vision should describe what you want to achieve, it is the end of your journey while your mission describes the way to get there. Your positioning gives you a customer need oriented character which differentiates your brand in the customer mindset and is matching the brand values. Never forget that customer perception defines your reality and changes your image.

A simple, memorable positioning gives you a stronger trigger in your customer’s mind and heart, sets you apart from the crowded competitive environment, focus your resources and allows the development of a perfectly fit communication campaign.

While Volvo positionied itself succesfully on "safety", Avis demonstrated what a No. 2 in the market can do when transfering their positioning  into the slogan "We try harder".

Several questions could bother your company:
1. Why do we exist and what does our company stand for (Reasons & Values)?
2. Where do we want to be and how to get there (Vision & Mission)?
3. How do we want to be seen by our customer and what does he associate with it  
4. What are our values and believes (Brand values)?

BRAND2MOVE helps you with following aspects:
1. Analyse your current brand / product situation and challenge your closeness to the market
2. Benchmark your core brand positioning in a demanding environment
3. Matching customer needs with your brand values and separate the most important territory
    your brand can claim
4. Develop a strong brand and marketing strategy based on a new positioning and customer
    focused brand values.
5. Identify if your company has the right budgets and resources to achieve the desired vision
    and mission
6. Inspire employees to feel and live the new brand.


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