The BRAND2MOVE Service package

The different sections on the website are structured by the “Brand Diamond”, a tool I published in my latest brand management book Der Markendiamant. The brand diamond covers the six most important areas to influence brand success, namingly
- Mission, Vision, Positioning 
- Corporate Identity
- Communication
- Events
- Dealers (and the retail business)
- People

The right business strategy to efficiently increase your revenues can be to focus only on one of the elements of the brand diamond or a perfectly matching combination of different elements. All elements of the brand diamond work individually and can help your organisation to generate higher profit, maximize marketing effectiveness, improve your brand image and awareness or make your brand a desirable employer. Nevertheless, in order to move the brand long-term, the right combination of different elements of the brand diamond, which can bring the biggest impact for your brand, has to be identified. Depending on what you would like to achieve for your company and what challenges you are facing, BRAND2MOVE can help you to improve your business situation, setting your company apart from your competitors and get your brand into your customers mind.

You can leverage my experience on different subjects under the six headlines. Of course, my involvement and support will have to be discussed with you individually.

Be ensured that I will work for you individual, competent, process based and revenue oriented and that I will bring you the right brand energy and creativity to move your brand. I´m looking forward to hear from you. My passion moves your brand.


More Service

Additionally let me help, if you would like to start a new marketing organisation in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain or Italy. I’m sure my cultural experience in this markets and my language skills will make me the right sparring partner to enter the market. Selecting the marketing team, building up relationships with agencies, partners, and suppliers or just getting to know the local customer a little bit better helps to make life easier and generate business.


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