People are the key to success in every business. Brands have a strong influence on people, but without people brands could not survive. Despite the fact that consumers tend to buy more and more on the internet, there is still the desire to talk to a sales person, contact a hotline, discuss products in bloggs or believe in testimonials. Without people there would not be a brand.

Despite the fact that every employee is as well a customer, I would still like to divide the three human success factors for a brand into direct employees, employees at retail and the customers. Depending where a person is and in which relationship he stands towards a brand, the focus on all kind of activities changes. As we concentrated on customers throughout the first 5 elements of the brand diamond, let us focus in this section on what can be done to align employees and to leverage employees most to improve the image, increase revenue and make the most out of the given resources.             

Did you ever consider how your employees help to make your brand unique? How do you talk to your employees? Do they know your vision, mission and brand positioning? And do they believe in it? Do you listen to your employees and is the atmosphere open, honest and communicative? Well, if not, why do you believe your employees would sell the brand outside the company? It is all about leadership, motivation and sometimes control. You can guide employees by language, structure, values, norms, believes and relationships. What is your way to guide your team? 


BRAND2MOVE can help to:
1. Analyse the relationship and believes employees have towards your brand
2. Generate Ideas to make employees stand behind your brand vision and mission
3. Deliver proposals how to make employees your brand ambassadors
4. Ensure that the Corporate Identity is used by your employees
5. Propose internal motivation factors which can drive people? 


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