Dealer and the retail business

Brands normally do not have a direct contact to their customers. They need intermediates, dealers, franchise or other forms of retail management to deal with their client. Cars are sold at automotive dealers, watches in Jewellers, and soup powder in the supermarket. Brand targets, the desired image or product information are worthless without the right transfer of information between brand, dealer and the customer. If dealers do not live the same targets and strategy, much of your valuable budgets are just blown into the air. But how do you make sure, that retail dealers are in line with your targets and strategy despite an increasing amount of products and brands you have to compete with in the retail environment. 

Well, first of all, you have to convince a dealer, that he makes more money with your products, that his customers will be more loyal and do not have complains, that your brand fits his believes and values, that he always gets the newest information and that he “likes” the people of your brand. This would already be a good start for a perfect alliance and to enable trust and “ownership” for your brand. Loyalty is a key to success when aligning with the retail business. Loyalty between brand and dealer but as well, of course, customer loyalty. Customer brand loyalty can be maximized when adding retail dealer loyalty to it. Already today there are TOP10 automotive brands that have a brand loyalty of only 30% but their respective dealer has already a dealer loyalty of more than 50%.

Well, how can you ensure this loyalty from dealers and customers? What does a successful alliance with your retail business need? What do you want to achieve with your retailer? What retail structure fits best to your business?

BRAND2MOVE can support you with:
1. Developing targets and a win-win retail strategy which generates long term revenue
2. Align your retail system to your brand vision and mission
3. Define roles&responsibilities for the partnership and organize the needed processes
4. Transfer your brand and your desired image into the retail shop or dealer showroom
5. Create interesting sales campaigns and implement them with your team
6. Define the right Product launch in a dealer or retail store
7. Support in the selection of new sales channels (direct or indirect)



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