Most companies still underestimate their growth potential and possibilities to enhance revenue drivers inside the organisation. They are concerned about existing products, product life cycles, competition, market development, customer needs or revenues. Unfortunately they focus a lot less on marketing  innovations, product enhancers, complementary business, brand enablers or customer behaviour to reinvent or expand their business model.  

Do you really challenge your organisation to achieve the maximum efficiency and affectivity on everything you do in marketing? Furthermore, do you know if your brand is positioned right from a customer perspective and that this positioning still reflects your DNA? Is your Corporate Identity still based on your brand positioning and does the look&feel match your client’s desire and behaviour? Is your company part of the relevant set and even positioned No. 1 in your customer’s mindset? Do you really optimize revenue with your brand or products? If not, you have to start asking WHY?

These are only a few questions, were I can help you with my experience. I can deliver perfectly tailored – brand orientated – strategies for your individual needs and help you implement these ideas into the marketplace.

Let me offer you more than 24 years of professional experience with 16 years as General Manager and Marketing Director in 3 European markets focused on operational and strategic functions in marketing, sales and PR. During this time I experienced the full marketing mix, launched more than 20 new products, established complete new marketing organisations, developed new brand positionings, delivered extremely profitable sales campaigns with peaking sales records, developed new store concepts, opened more than 100 stores, created totally new show and event concepts, restructured market sales areas and dramatically increased awareness and consideration for several success products and brands in the automotive and optical retail market.

This website gives you an inside into where I can help you and your team to make your brand more successful, develop dynamic business strategies, deliver more revenue potentials and leverage your budgets more efficiently.

I would enjoy meeting you in person and find out what bottlenecks and business challenges you are facing right now.

My philosophy 

Explore opportunities for growth and therefore never just go where the path may lead, but instead leave a new trail where there is no path yet.

Start something new with the right level of consumer insight, a strong strategy to leverage potentials and the right allocation of budgets and internal resources. 


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